Research Proposals

How To Write A Research Proposal

A proposal is a very important academic document that is majorly an essential requirement during the application for admission into most public and private institutions for Masters in philosophy and Ph.D. programs. Notwithstanding whether one is applying for a Ph.D. program or compiling his/her research project, a proposal is the most concise statement written in a couple of sentences to outline the research in question. Normally composed less than 100 words, a proposal sets out the main issue or problem that a student or a researcher wants to examine which is followed with a coherent summary of the proposed research.

Research proposal definition

By definition, a research proposal refers to a statement that is concisely and coherently written in a couple of sentences usually less than 100 words to address the intended research. A research proposal can also be defined as a formal request for support for sponsored research, instruction or extension projects.

Research proposal topics

For a researcher to comprehensively investigate a problem or address the intended issue, he/she must first have an in-depth analysis the topic of discussion. Among the research proposal topics include;
Politics and its influence-In political science, for instance.
• History and evolution of Buddhism in the world
• Racial discrimination in Uncle Tom’s Cabin
• Strategies for running a business
• Innovative approaches to contacting problematic children
• Alchemy about physics
• Opinions of philosophy and religion in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

How to Write a Research Proposal Paper for a Project

A Professional research proposal addresses three major questions; what the research indents to accomplish, the reason why you want to do it and how one is going to do it?

However, a well-written proposal paper should have sufficient information that convinces the reader the importance of the research idea portraying a clear comprehension of the problem with supportive and relevant literature. Outlined below is how to write a research proposal paper for a project;

  1. Title– make sure that your proposal paper title is as clear and descriptive as possible. For instance, Strategies for running a business can be a well-designed title for a business research since it clearly indicates both the independent and dependent variables.
  2. Abstract– a research proposal paper must contain an abstract that is brief. However, the abstract should include a research question as well as the rationale for the study.
  3. Introduction-a research proposal paper for a project should also bear an introduction section that provides the necessary background or context of the research problem.
  4. Literature review-it serves the purpose of ensuring that a researcher is not ‘reinventing the wheel’ and therefore helps to demonstrate one’s knowledge of the research problem.
  5. Methods- this section is important in explaining how the researcher plans to tackle his/her research problem.
  6. Results and Discussions– this section outlines the kind of data as well as statistical procedures that a researcher is using collecting information.

How to write a research proposal for Master’s Degree

When writing a research proposal for registration for a master’s degree, the following sections should be highlighted;
• The purpose of the study section
• Relevant background literature section
• Research questions or hypothesis
• Definition of key terms
• Research methodology
• Significance of the research
• Ethical considerations section
• Timetable for the research
• Anticipated problems and limitations
• Resources required for the research section
• Bibliography
• Appendices

How to write a Research Proposal for Funding

A research proposal for funding varies widely across all the disciplines. However, outlined below is a clear and detailed procedure of how to write a research proposal for funding;
• First, identify the needs and focus
• Find prospective grants
• Develop general proposal and budget
• Submit letter of inquiry
• Receive request for formal application
• Prepare specific proposal
• Submit proposal before deadline
• Agencies review proposal
• Receive award letter
• Negotiate multiple awards
• Accept or decline awards
• Carry out project
• File reports with funding agencies

How to Write a Proposal Letter

The following are the steps to be followed when writing a formal proposal letter;
• To begin with, state your purpose-should be clear and concise
• Provide background information on why you are proposing
• State a predetermined solution to the problem
• Write down any costs that may be incurred
• Close by restating the problem and proposed solution

Example of Research Proposal Letter

To: Steven Taylor
From: Ben Smith
Date: August 12, 2015

Subject: A proposal to dispose old furniture from Britton School of Medicine


I am writing to propose a solution to the recurring problem in the Britton School of Medicine. The problem at hand is of piles of old furniture dumped all over the school compound following the purchase of new and decent furniture. The disturbing sight of the furniture in the compound has rendered the compound messy such that students and lecturers are finding it hand moving around in execution of their roles respectively.
I suggest that the administration disposes off the old furniture from the compound so that enough space can be created for students and lecturers to move around undisturbed effectively.


The standard cost for purchasing the windows and doors was $50.50 and $89.95 respectively. However, if we dispose them at a scrap value of $12 per kg, then we will be in a position to recover some substantial amount of money from the scrape vis-a-vis leaving them to lie on the school compound. Also, we shall incur no costs when disposing of them since the buyer will have to come for them.


In conclusion, I think disposing of the old and used furniture from the school compound would be of great importance to the Britton School of Medicine in some ways. Perhaps, one of them is that it will bring to an end the congestion that we do normally experience on our school compound where little space is left for most daily activities to continue.
Thank you for considering disposing of the old and used furniture for the welfare of our students and the tutoring fraternity!

Simple Research Proposal Format

Outlined below is a simple format for a research proposal
• Should have a Title
• Abstract
• An introduction
• Literature review
• Methods
• Results section
• Discussions

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